Divergent Thinking and Its Importance for a Better Future

Basically, divergent thinking amounts to tending to be different or develop in different directions. It literally refers to the way one’s mind originate the ideas beyond prescribed expectations and rote thinking- which generally refers to ‘thinking out of frame’ and obviously is termed to be associative with individuality. Divergent thinking is key to problem solving and is the vertebral column of creativity- mastering and understanding what it is, and then imagining the possibilities of what could be. It nourishes one’s personality to evolve something creative, to use the power of imagination in bringing fruitful outcome of inventiveness.

Our society devotes the word ‘creativity’ to the field of artistry and fashion ‘ONLY’. But if we analyse the facts properly in an orderly manner, we can get a hold of the verity that divergent thinking or divergent behavior is a world-class sphere. It can indulge in itself all the domains of life bringing an effective outcome.

As always said children are the fore-bearers of future. So, originality naturally begins with toddlers. According to Creativity & Talent Development on Human Psychology, children have the greatest divergent thinking capability which employs at a genius level, which gradually decreases with age.

Have you ever seen a pre-schooler, crawl and position a chair strategically to reach to a heightened place to get to a toy or a jar of his favorite snacks? Well that’s how divergent thinking works inside the cerebrum of a tot. It may not seem like a remarkable activity for mature being. But it’s really amazing when we understand that they develop their own creativity level to achieve something in their way out and being successful. And it’s really surprising to watch different toddler react and respond to same situations differently. They don’t learn to act according to various conditions. Their intellect just guides them to think diversely and explore an unseen, fresh technique to answer or act in a particular condition.

Kindergarten schools aim to nurture the creativity of a toddler. But with time, when the child crosses his kindergarten and enter the demonic phase of this world-class education system, his own wisdom, own vision disrupts. He gets into the same domain of education, where creativity is given lesser importance rather no importance at all compared to the mandated marking system of education with annual or half-yearly exams. Marking system of teaching and showering knowledge is basically an obsolete process, if we try to inculcate a good progressive society with ample innovations and development. Hence, memorization can be detrimental to cultivating strong creative thinkers.
What Can We Do??
Now, what can we do is to create a balance out of the two streams of mental development. To create a mesmerizing future with all the facilities of proper development. Examination will always be renowned and most eminent part of education for the foreseeable future, but there are things we can do to counteract its effects.
When choosing a preschool, it should be done based on a balance activity. Equilibrium should be maintained to offer a sound-based education—not just learning or mugging up textual language for the purpose of education, but creative activities like painting or performing.
Each class should be given plentiful options of what to be done rather than teachers instructing of what should be done directly.
Classrooms should be the place to create something effective and new than teachers coming with a pre-packed curriculum.

Again, adding to this level of education, comes in the forefront the new era of our modernized society, where even pre-schoolers are engaged more in the electronic media objects rather than any kind of physical activity. As for example, nowadays we hardly see children going out and playing. They get addicted to televisions, mobiles and other electronic devices which not only grabs a considerable part of their brain making it inactive, but also destroys the platform of divergent thinking.

So, as discussed above… Divergent thinking is the root to have a better and enhanced future for our children and largely for our society. It fosters a creative environment, helps to understand and appreciate differences in all spheres of life. It will eventually create our world a more accepting place. And lastly, we could only gain something new from the creative possibilities, when kids will be allowed to be who they are, and act according to their ‘Divergent Thinking.’

Good Luck!!

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